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Stupid Simple Fasting

Stupid Simple Fasting is the easiest intermittent fasting tracker ever. Find the fasting rhythm that works for you and discover the easiest way to lose weight, find mental clarity, and save money on groceries while you're at it.

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Stupid Simple Fasting features several different fasting options:

16-Hour Intermittent Fast: A popular and easy to follow fast for maximizing fat loss. You can eat your dinner, then start the fast until lunch time the following day. 

24-Hour Fast: Push yourself towards making your fitness goals and break your reliance on the emotional need for food. You’ll feel accomplished and lighter as you make your 24-hour fast. 

Custom Fasting: Setup a custom program to meet your particular fasting goals. You can choose your fasting duration and then start your fast when you are ready. 

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Additional features:

*Track your water and salt throughout your fast.

*Get reminders when it's time to start a new fast.

*Helpful motivation when you need it with a simple button tap.

*Sync your fasting app with other devices.

*Works great across time zones for all of your travels.

*Take before and after photos to track your results.

*Review your history to look for areas for improvement.

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Stupid Simple Fasting integrates with our other fitness apps, Stupid Simple Keto, Stupid Simple Macros, and Stupid Simple Paleo.